About the Company


JTE GROUP years of experience coupled with long-term supplier relationships has provided us with a trusted reputation. Our regrind products are clean and consistent.

JTE Group is a Malaysia based company incorporated under the company` Act 1965. It was established principally to manage the scrap and waste material in a professional manner whereby maximizing recycling and minimizing waste for disposal so that the customers and avoid unnecessary cost and, wherever possible, Increase revenues.

The company in managed and employed by a group of people who have vast experience in the recycling industry.Its one-stop center based on Total Waste Management concept covers all aspects of scrap and waste handling and disposal. Its customers gain the dual benefits of supplier reduction and reduced management time.

Running Since 1990

With only one company to deal with, its customer has only contact, one quotation, one pick up, one invoice and one management company that reduces the time required to manage the waste its JTE GROUP.

JTE GROUP years of experience coupled with long-term supplier relationships has provided us with a trusted reputation. Our regrind products are clean and consistent.

The Founders - THAMGIAH
The Founders - JEGATHISAN

Our Professionalism

JTE GROUP has begun focusing on Generic Prime and Wide Spec material as well. Additional personnel, resources, and development of key Resin Manufacturers relationships provide additional material opportunities for our customers.

The JTE Group Family

Why Work with Us

Our future plans are to improve our existing quality into a total quality approach in everything we do, including marketing, operations, administration and environment. In order to achieve these, we are striving to get both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification by end of 2008. We also aim to increase both scrap sales and scrap purchase, ensuring a match between the two and to secure cost reduction through the continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Our Values

"Quality Comes First"

Everything that JTE GROUP do, from plastic recycling and manufacturing to supply and customer service is focused on one objective – Quality.

It is in our nature, as a Malaysian company, to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest possible contemporary standards.

In addition, our logistics organisation is designed to be as efficient and organised as other Malaysian icons.


"We Aim for the Top"

The foundation of our company is committed to the environment and its preservation. Most waste products contain materials that can be hazardous to life and the environment. We help people and the planet by preventing improper disposal of wastes.

In addition, we encourage and support manufacturers of consumer goods/industrial goods to exploit their use of recycle materials as well as to eradicate toxic and non-recyclable material from their products.  JTE' has selected its process very vigilantly, giving detailed attention to government guidelines, legislation and the requests of our customers.  We are confident that there is no better home for your recycle material


"Innovation in the Field of Recycling"

To being the finest service providers in our industry, provide it in a safe, environmentally friendly and economically viable way. To offer rapid and proficient services of the highest standard at all times in a cost effective approach with diligence, honesty and reliability. To be the number one Company in Malaysia offering professional waste management, recycling and environmental solution to our clients.

To purchase renewable, reusable, and recyclable products and offering a waste solution that will benefit and help reduce global warming.

Why Choose Us

Our customers choose us because we deliver unmatched services and products, and offer some of the best value in the industry.

  • LOCALLY OWNED - We are 100% Malaysia owned and operated.
  • NO CONTRACTS - No long-term contracts required.
  • CONVENIENT OPERATING HOURS - Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • CUSTOMER FIRST - We care about our customers.
  • EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE - Our team teams have the most experience helping customers.
  • UNPARALLELED SERVICES - Our services become a valuable supplement.
  • PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP - We strive to be seen as a partner.